Oil Tick Specifications

At Charger we understand the value of good data, which is why we set out to build the most advanced battery monitor in the business. The Charger “Oil Tick” measures Voltage, Current, Temperature, Shock and Vibration both Laterally and Axially. All measurements are taken at 200 Hz (200 times per second) making our product the most precise on the market.

Technical Specifications

Item Range Units Max Resolution (bits) Resolution (unit)
Current 0 to 5000 mA 12 1.22 mA
Voltage 0 to 30 or 0 to 401 Volts 10 0.03 or 0.041 Volts
Temperature -50 – 150 (-58 to 302) C (F) 10 0.2C (0.35F)
Lateral Vibration2 0-50 g RMS 10 0.05g
Axial Vibration2 0-50 g RMS 10 0.05g
Lateral Shock2 0-50 g 10 0.05g
Axial Shock2 0-50 g 10 0.05g

ADC Sampling Rate

High Speed Logging:
Low Speed Logging:

All Measurements 200 Hz
Current 50 Hz
Voltage, Temp 1 Hz
Vibration/Shock disabled in low speed logging mode

Data Storage

On-Board Memory:

32 Mbit Flash (4MB) for detailed logging sessions,
1024 Kb EEPROM for summary information

Logging Duration:

Configurable at time of Tick initialization. For each measurement type the number of bits of resolution and storage frequency can be specified resulting in varied logging durations. Bit-packing is employed to fully use entire memory with no wasted space.

Logging session begins when load is attached to battery and ends when load is removed. Minimum load level and duration for session start/end events configurable at battery initialization.

While logging, if load remains constant for a time period configured at battery initialization, logging will switch to low speed mode to reduce power consumption. Accelerometer is powered down and sampling rate decreases. When battery activity resumes, OilTick exits low-speed logging mode automatically.

Typical Configuration:

451 Hours
10 bit Current, 1 second
10 bit Voltage, 2 seconds
10 bit Temperature, 10 minutes
7 bit Vibration/Shock, 5 seconds

High-Resolution Logging:

178 Hours
10 bit Current, 1 second
10 bit Voltage, 1 second
10 bit Temperature, 5 minutes
8 bit Vibration/Shock, 1 second

Low Resolution Logging:

1055 Hours
10 bit Current, 5 seconds

10 bit Voltage, 10 seconds
10 bit Temperature, 10 minutes
6 bit Vibration, 5 seconds

Other Logging:

Each logging event is tagged with date/time from real time clock.
User can enter descriptive text for each session. Text is stored to OilTick flash memory.
Battery Depassification session log
OilTick Reset/Brownout/Low Voltage Events

OilTick Power Consumption

Idle (battery on shelf):
High Speed Logging:
Low Speed Logging:
Communication Mode:

Less than 200 µA
3-5 mA (dependant on frequency of memory writes)
Less than 1 mA (accelerometer is off, sampling rate reduced)
20 mA

OilTick Power Consumption

Interface Box:

Charger OilTick USB – CANBUS Interface Box.
500 Mbit/sec CANBUS. Can download full 4MB of tick memory in less than 9 minutes.
32 and 64 Windows USB Drivers.
15 foot cable with battery connector.
USB Powered
Allows connection/communication to battery(s) while still in battery barrel.
Allows connection to two batteries simultaneously while in barrel
Internal 200 Ohm resistor to allow depassification of either battery via
TickTalk software. Graphical display of battery voltage during depassify.
LED Lights indicate status and progress.


Battery Memory Download:

Plug and play design. Plug battery in and download starts automatically, no user input required even in two battery connection mode.
Summary information downloaded quickly prior to session logs.

  • Serial Number
  • Total Amp Hours Used
  • Active Logging Hours
  • Battery Manufacture Date
  • Maximums for current, temperature, vibration, and shock.

Automatic resume of memory download. If download is interrupted will resume automatically where it left off when battery is re-connected.

Detail Session View:

List of all logging sessions by start date. Session type, description, and duration displayed.
User can enter/modify session descriptions. Text stored on battery.
Session data can be exported to tab-delimited text file for easy import into other application such as Excel.

Graphical Display of Sessions:

Line graph display of each measurement.
Using mouse, graph can be scrolled right or left through time.
Mouse can be used to zoom in to specific areas. Zoom level can go from weeks to seconds.
Highly optimized for quick response when drawing large volumes of data.
Each individual measurement can be enabled/disabled. Line color and line thickness can also be adjusted.
Scale minimum and maximum can be adjusted for each measurement type.
If time range has more data points than screen points, each measurement can display an average, maximum, and minimum plot as well to allow quick identification of areas of interest.
“Quick Value” bar updates to show values of all measurement at current mouse pointer location.
Integrated ruler to measure multiple exact time ranges.

Battery Library:

Each battery programmed with globally unique identifier.
Whenever battery is connected to TickTalk, battery is automatically added to battery library.
Batteries in battery library can be opened and viewed even when battery or Interface Box is not connected.
Batteries can be exported from the library into files. These files can then be sent to another user and imported for viewing.


Depassification feature allows user to depassify battery for selected amount of time.
Graphical display of depassification progress.
Floating, dockable log window can be displayed to see detailed information regarding battery communication.
Log can be saved to file, copied to clipboard or printed.
Windows NT/2000/XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit compatible.
32 and 64 bit versions.