What is Oil Tick?

The Most Intuitive Battery Monitor in the Oilfield

At Charger, we understand the value of good data, which is why we set out to built the most advanced battery monitor in the business – The OilTick. It measures voltage, current, temperature, shock and vibration both laterally and axially; mission accomplished!

Each logging event is tagged with date/time from an internal real time clock. User can enter descriptive text for each session stored to OilTick memory.

Logging session begins when a load is attached to the battery and ends when the load is removed. Minimum load level and duration for session start/end events are configurable. For each measurement type, the resolution and storage frequency can be specified resulting in varied logging durations. With standard logging settings the Tick has over 500 hours of logging capabilities.

Each measurement has a dedicated storage rate at which a value is stored to memory. Values are sampled and averaged then stored into memory at the storage rate interval.

While logging, if a load remains constant for a configurable time period, logging will switch to low speed logging mode to reduce power consumption and save memory space. The sampling rate is decreased and the accelerometer is turned off to save power.

When battery activity resumes, the OilTick exits low speed logging mode automatically.

While connected to a battery with an OilTick, it is possible to depassify the battery for a user defined length. The voltage and current levels of the depassification session are then stored on the OilTick for future reference.

For two battery systems it is possible to communicate with both batteries without having to separate them from each other. Communication is handled separately with each battery and it is possible to run separate depassification sessions on each battery.

Measurements are calculated for shock as the largest 10 sample average within the OilTicks’ storage rate interval and vibration is an average of all the values within the same interval.

The Charger Tick Box facilitates communications with the OilTick through a USB interface. A CSA certified rugged aluminum die-cast enclosure is utilized to withstand the rigors of field use. Removable cables with customizable interface handles are used to facilitate communications with the OilTick while the battery is still within its barrel housing.