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Charger Industries, Inc. has introduced a new online battery monitoring system that can be accessed from anywhere to obtain up-to-date battery usage to optimize utilization.

Charger Connect is an online service that lets users manage their battery packs from initial purchase through end-of-life recycling by reviewing and managing detailed logs recorded in the firm’s BOLT monitored battery packs. Featuring an intuitive graphical display of sessions, it provides a record of current, voltage, temperature, shock, and vibration data [to the second] in order to fully understand and optimize cradle-to-grave battery usage.

To facilitate a user’s understanding of actual battery performance, Charger Connect permits the filtering of logs by asset tag, serial number, and time; with all of the sessions listed by start date, session type, and duration. Simply plug in the battery and new information is merged automatically with prior data. This cloud-based platform makes it faster to analyze and solve problems and includes an industry-first battery disposal tracking system.

Charger Connect is priced according to customer battery requirements.

About Charger Industries:
Charger Industries is an ISO 9001 certified custom battery pack manufacturing company, specializing in high reliability battery packs for the oil and gas industry. For over 20 years we've produced custom batteries for a wide variety of applications and for extreme environments. With offices in Canada and the US, we offer sales, distribution and support world-wide.

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