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Manage and Maintain Battery Files and Data Logs From a Central Location: The Cloud

Currently the TickTalk application is the only way to review, annotate and manage data retrieved from Charger Industries Tick enabled batteries. While extremely useful, Tick Talk is a stand alone application that runs on a single computer with access to a single set of battery and log data.

With the introduction of the TickCloud, we are introducing a centralized location for managing and maintaining battery files and associated data logs that will compliment the power of the TickTalk.

Tick Cloud features fall into 3 categories:

  1. Automation of process
  2. Extension to Tick Talk features (in beta/development)
  3. Analysis capabilities

Provide features for the user community to manage and maintain battery libraries. This means reduced effort in the day to day issues that they deal with:

  • Viewing of Battery/Session information online. Your battery data is accessible to authorized users from anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • Share battery files between locations
  • Centrally administer who is permitted to upload/view/ modify battery information within the company
  • As the battery is used, new information is merged with the prior battery information automatically. Cloud battery information is synchronized with the latest data from the field. Download any battery file for local storage and management with Tick Talk.

TickCloud also provide some additional features that are an extension our current Tick Talk software:

  • Associate tool information to a battery or battery session. Perform reporting and analysis for the tool in the same way that you could for a battery.
  • Associate user defined meta data to batteries/tools to extend customer reporting. For example: region, county, parish, customer, well type, geographical, etc.

TickCloud provides some analysis capabilities to help with data mining:

  • Derived shock and vibration values are made available that are not available directly from the battery or Tick Talk. Allows for the searching of overall shock and vibration levels on the battery/tool
  • Search for batteries/tools that have been subject to vibration I shock levels based on threshold and duration limits. Very useful in analyzing which tools/batteries has been subjected to harsh treatment.
  • Search for batteries/tools that have been subject to excessive current draw, minimum voltage or excessive temperature levels.
  • Data mine the set of battery information for batteries and events of interest.
  • Tool/asset management system. By associating the data logged on the batteries to each tool in the string you are able to track and set up maintenance flags for all tools in your fleet.