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Tensor 36V

36V Configurations:

  • Cell type: Moderate Rate DD High Rate DD
  • Temperature Rating: 150 ̊C, 165 ̊C , 180 ̊C and 200 ̊C
  • *Optional Oil Tick on 150 ̊C and 165 ̊C versions

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  • Battery Voltage: 36 Volts
  • Battery Capacity: 15 – 29 Ah (Actual value depends on the type of cell and temperature rating)
  • Battery Ends:
    • Top: 6 Pin/4 Socket Kintec
    • Bottom: 15 Pin Female MDM Non floating
  • Temperature Range: 150 ̊C – 200 ̊C
  • Cell Type:Moderate Rate/High Rate DD

Optional Oil Tick:

The Oil Tick is one of the most precise battery monitors on the market today that measures voltage, current, temperature, shock and vibration both laterally and axially.

Tensor 36V Battery Specifications