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Tensor 29V

29V Configurations:

  • Cell type: Moderate Rate DD, High Rate DD
  • Temperature Rating: 150 ̊C, 165 ̊C , 180 ̊C and 200 ̊C
  • Optional Oil Tick on 150 ̊C and 165 ̊C versions

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  • Battery Voltage: 29 Volts
  • Battery Capacity: 15 – 29 Ah (Actual value depends on the type of cell and temperature rating)
  • Battery Ends:
    • Top: 6 Pin/4 Socket Kintec
    • Bottom: 15 Pin Female MDM Non floating
  • Temperature Range: 150 ̊C – 200 ̊C
  • Cell Type: Moderate Rate/High Rate DD

Optional Oil Tick:

The Oil Tick is one of the most precise battery monitors on the market today that measures voltage, current, temperature, shock and vibration both laterally and axially.

Tensor Battery Specifications